Travel Insurance


Our Office deals with a number of Insurance Companies and our Experienced staff are happy to assist with your enquiries.
Remember to check your Policy wording as not all Policies are the same. Our check list below may help you consider which Policy is right for you.

Travel Insurance Checklist

Destinations and Areas of travel :

The areas where you travel will influence your premium. You will need to choose the main destination based on where you will spend the most time on your journey. Some areas are higher risk and cost more.

Medical, Pre Existing Conditions and Pregnancy:

It is important that you understand how much coverage you have and when the medical cover applies. Pre Existing Medical Conditions are separated into 3 categories, Conditions which are automatically covered, Conditions which cannot be covered and Conditions which will need to be assessed. You will need to outline ALL pre existing conditions, to ensure that you are covered appropriately.

Emergency Assistance:

Does your policy offer Emergency Assistance, 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year, providing assistance for medical, loss of documents, payment of bills and bringing you home in an emergency.

Cancellations, Limits & Excesses:

If you have the right cover, you may be able to claim for prepaid funds from cancelled flights, accommodation, car hire, tour bookings and more. Your policy should tell you the maximum amount of money that you can claim.   The level of cover you choose can influence the premium you pay.
Most insurance policies can include excesses.   This means that if your excess on lost baggage is $100, for example, you’ll be responsible for covering the first $100 of your losses before your insurance company will begin paying you.   Excesses can be reduced by paying a higher premium. The higher the excess, the lower the cost of the Policy.

Personal Belongings & Valuables:

Most travel insurance policies will provide some level of cover for your personal belongings and valuables for a set limit. It is importance to check that adequate cover is available on common items such as phones, laptops, cameras, tablets, sunglasses and jewellery. You may need to change the policy or choose to pay for an increase to Luggage limits.

Sports & Activities:

Enjoying certain activities, such as motorcycling, bungy jumping, parasailing or white water rafting, may not be covered on your Policy. Ensure you are aware if your policy covers you for these higher risk activities and what the terms and conditions may apply.


Exclusions are a mandatory part of any insurance policy and reading your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) carefully before you purchase should give you a comprehensive view of what isn’t included in your cover.
You should make note of any specific events or items that are excluded from your policy, as well as any circumstances or situations that automatically mean your losses will be excluded.

Notice: Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Please consult the Product Disclosure Statement before deciding whether the travel insurance product is suitable for your needs and circumstances.

This is general advice only. Before making any decisions, consider your own circumstances and the Product Disclosure Statement available from our office..